Welcome to Lille Grensen Dental Clinic!

Lille Grensen Tannklinikk

The dentists in central Oslo city centre

Lille Grensen Tannklinikk is a well-established clinic, which has been based in the same building since 1994.

With us, you will meet dentists and dental hygienists with wide experience, who attach great importance to professional skill and competence.

We regularly participate in courses and continuing education to keep ourselves professionally up-to-date.

If you are a patient with us, you will receive active help in preventing dental disease and guidance so that you have the least possible need for dental treatment in the future.

We have a great understanding of anxious patients, and do our utmost to provide a painless and caring dental visit.

We believe it is important that you get good information about treatment, prices and social security rights.


Information about the treatment and its costs before you start

Providing extensive information is important to us. We fully explain all procedures and options in advance, so that you can make informed and educated decisions.


Refund from the Norwegian Health Care System

We make sure that we have the latest information on what types of treatments are covered by Helfo (Norwegian National Insurance Scheme). We assess whether you can claim support from Helfo and help you file the right papers. This way we always make sure that your rights are taken care of.


State of the art dentistry

We take pride in the quality of work we provide. We continue our professional development and regularly update and improve our knowledge on research, techniques and approaches to give you advanced and personalized dental care.


This is our team

Dentist Eva Marie Ross, MNTF

Dentist Therese Benedicte Gran, MNTF

Dentist Mari Skaar Okstad, MNTF

Dental Hygienist Gabija Pasakarnyte, MNTpF

Dental Secretary Joril Johansen



*MNTF (member of The Norwegian Dental Association)

*MNTpF (member of The Norwegian Dental Hygienist Association)